Diabetic Socks

Diabetic Socks


There are many different types of socks for people with diabetes. Generally, they’re designed to minimize foot injuries and keep feet dry and warm. Finding the right pair means selecting socks that best meet your needs.

Here are some characteristics of diabetic socks:

  • seamless: Seams can rub against your skin and cause blisters or ulcers. Most diabetic socks are made without them
  • moisture-wicking: Keeping feet dry is important for preventing skin infections.
  • breathable: Breathable fabrics help keep feet dry.
  • warm: Diabetes can cause blood vessels to restrict, decreasing circulation to the feet. Fabrics that keep your feet warm help to improve blood circulation. 
  • square toe box: Socks that are too narrow can squeeze the toes, causing discomfort and allowing for moisture buildup between toes. 
  • fitted: Many diabetic socks conform to the foot and leg. This prevents loose fabric from rubbing against the skin and causing injuries. 
  • padded: Padding in the sock cushions the foot and protects it from injury.


Available in three colors